Rain Cloud Baby Shower, Fit for a Princess!

Since this lovely little lady will be entering the world any day now, I can think of no better time than the present to post her shower. I’m going to be an auntie! And not just any old auntie. An auntie to a GIRL! While this may not mean much to everyone out there in blog land, as a mother to all boys, surrounded by testosterone all day long, while simultaneously surrounded by some of the most creative shop makers around- who happen to make the most adorable girl items? This. Is. Huge. This shower was probably just as much fun for me as it was for my sister. In fact, if I was to ever have a girl shower, this would be my dream theme. Okay, who am I kidding. Maybe, just maybe, more heavy on the rainbows. I cannot take sole credit here. My sister happened to have married into the most phenomenal family. Her mother-in-law was a huge part of making this everything it was. Since I am not local, she did just about everything I couldn’t get my hands on. She’s kind of an event planning goddess, y’all. Mama Tracy, if you’re reading, you are what in-law dreams are made of! Without further adieu, I bring you our rain cloud themed baby GIRL shower!


I loved that my sister and brother-in-law chose Bottom Lounge in Chicago for the event space. Not only was it the perfect location to fit their personalities, but it was such a great industrial space to decorate.



Games are always a given, right? Regardless of the fact that we all hate them- its a right of passage. Or so they say. But who am I to laugh in the face of tradition? We left diapers out for guests to write messages for those late night changes. We also did a “guess what’s in the diaper bag” game and a little number with clothespins. If you caught anyone saying, “baby” you collected theirs, and whoever had the most won a prize at the end of the day. Speaking of prizes…


We painted mason jars with acrylic white paint, wrapped them in pink ribbon and a brown card stock stamped with “count the happies” and filled with seasonal flowers. All the winners took home one of these in addition to some other goodies.




In my world, no event is complete without The Alison Show’s Cookie Party. These little guys were the bane of my sister’s and my existence that weekend. And, in true Erica fashion, we mixed so many double batches we completely obliterated the icing. The morning of it still hadn’t set. Total party foul, and we were way bummed, but the guests were none the wiser and they still tasted amazing despite the numerous smudges. Given we have perfectionist running in our veins, I’m pretty sure we were the only ones who cared. For those interested, a quick google search explained you should never over beat your egg whites when it comes to royal icing. Note taken!








Pastel. All pastel. My sister isn’t very into pinks and purples, in fact, she had originally picked out blue, yellow, and orangey-reds for this theme. Equally adorable, just not very girlie. Once we talked her into the pastels, it was essential that those pastels not look like an Easter Bunny threw up all over the joint. Doesn’t seem like a difficult task, but you’d be surprised. We all found that the paler shades worked best for the look she wanted.

We made the 3D clouds from a tutorial found on Paper Kawaii. The rain drops and circles were simple card stock, hand cut and sewn together on my sewing machine.



My hats off to Bottom Lounge for this spread. Seriously delicious, not to mention gorgeous, and it was so nice not to have to worry about any of the food aside from the dessert table.


And here’s the mama to be and my niece! Oh my auntie heart! I cannot wait to spoil this little gal rotten! Now let’s all send my little sis some good (and easy) labor juju!

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