Dragons Love Tacos Birthday Fiesta

When I was pregnant with T, all I craved was Mexican food. I’m talking mountainous bowls of guacamole, steak tacos from here to eternity, and salsa on everything I could find in the kitchen cabinet. It’s only fitting that this small child popped out and became the largest fan of all things Mexican food. I was over the moon when he repeatedly demanded a Dragons Love Tacos party for this third birthday. Any excuse to throw a party with tacos and margaritas is a total win in my book. Add some dragons and you’ve got a recipe for perfection. This one might be a personal fave for me, not just for the above listed reasons, but also because it was our very first party back home in the Chicagoland area with our dear, old, friends and family. This one got postponed 4 months due to our move, but as it turns out, 3 year olds don’t have a huge concept of time in regards to actual birth dates, so he was happy as a clam to tell everyone it was his day and he was turning 3.


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Walking tacos were a must here. Would you believe I had never had one prior to this epic day? Delicious, easy, minimal mess for the kids, and who doesn’t love eating a mobile meal? I found some printables on Etsy for those, like myself, who had never partaken in a taco of the walking variety. The rest was easy- crockpots and warming dishes for meat, beans, rice and nacho cheese; and bowls for all the toppings. Having the food continually heating meant people were able to grab and go all day long. And could the “Taco Bout A Party” balloons from Oh Shiny Paper Co be any more perfect? As an added bonus, they’re refillable, so I was able to deflate them and keep them for any future fiestas.

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Mini sombreros hot glued to headbands for all the guests, tiny cactuses planted in upcycled tomato sauce cans, churro cupcakes, miniature rubber pinatas, sombrero suckers, and margarita Jelly Belly beans rounded out the dessert table. The unicorn tails from Bearsly and Bumski were a fave of mine, because, COLOR! (Y’all know I love my color!) I was able to salvage these for future use as well.


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The center of every one of my birthday themes is always and forever, Alison’s Cookie Party sugar cookie recipe. If you know me, you’ve heard so much about this recipe you’re probably certain I’m insane. But, these are the BEST cookies EVER. In the universe. The galaxy. Even on Mars. They are always the first thing to go, and it isn’t unheard of for the kiddos to be double fisting those bad boys. I wasn’t touching dragons- my cookie designing skills are not at that level in the slightest. So tacos and “totally mild salsa” it was. I even commissioned my husband to make a taco cave to display them in just like the book. Bless his heart, I don’t know why the man still entertains my crazy.



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Because this was more of an ‘open-house’ style party, I decided to try my hand at watermelon margaritas. If you’re anything like me, you have boards upon boards on Pinterest of cocktails you never have an excuse to make. Well, here it was. You can find the recipe here, and you’ll thank me later.

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I still haven’t discovered the recipe for a perfect photo booth set up at a party. This one, however, was a slight improvement from my first attempt two years ago. I found some excellent props on Etsy, and that hella cool dragon mask from Opposite of Far. The Mr. 3 and ‘Spec-TACO-lar’ shirt and shorts can be found in our shop above. Because I love y’all so much and am in a giving mood- I’m giving one lucky reader a shot at winning a Lookie Loo Loo Taco outfit for their very own taco party. You can enter below!

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